Robust features that
bulletproof your website


Plugin, theme & core file updates

Your plugins, themes, and core files are updated weekly and included in weekly reports to make sure your WordPress website runs smoothly.

Malware Guarantee

We fully clean out malware and other malicious activity on websites under our care. Our WordPress Malware removal service is included in Protect and eCommerce plans.

Security Optimization

We make sure your website is as close to 100% secure as humanly possible based on best security practices. We install and configure proper tools/software to ensure your site’s security is top-notch.

Cloud Backups

Your websites are backed up daily to our Microsoft Azure Cloud storage accounts.

24/7 Uptime Monitoring

We configure our monitoring tools to alert us in case your server or website is not performing as it should or goes down. Our engineers will be on top of it right then.

SSL Expiry Monitoring

It’s easy to forget about an SSL certificate expiry if you have a business to run and then realise that instead of a website you have a nasty “website not secure” error showing. With us, you will never see this error again.

Are you an agency, freelancer or a multiple websites owner?

Get the multi-layer care and defence of your websites at a discounted rate.

Offer premium 24/7 support to your clients with the confidence of having an expert tech team behind your back.

White-label WordPress care and defence plans

Are you a digital, hosting, creative, or marketing agency or freelancer looking to offer WP website maintenance plans to your clients without having to handle technical support yourself or build a team to do so? If so, our White-label Partner Program may be the perfect solution for you.

Growth and Expansion with a Peace of Mind

As a business owner, finding ways to grow and expand without having to increase your team or workload is always exciting. That's where our white-label partner program comes in. By partnering with us, you can offer website maintenance plans to your clients without having to handle the technical support yourself or hire additional staff.

Ultimate Flexibility to Support Any Website Type

Customize the care plan for each of your clients by choosing the right level of support. As a partner, you have the ability to select a different plan for each of your client's websites. By enrolling in annual plans, you can increase your profit margins. Our monthly white-label website plans offer a flexible partnership arrangement without requiring lengthy or complex contracts.

What owners of saved
and protected
websites say

We have been trying to fix things by using automated tools and antiviruses and it kind of worked for a while. As our website evolved with new features and functionalities, it became obvious that it was not enough. The issues came back again and again, costs were increasing, the source of problem was unknown. We found Bastion at the right time. They helped us fix all hidden security holes as a start and suggested a very comprehensive and flexible maintenance plan to address our operational needs. Finally, we could focus more on business matters that constantly running reactively fixing things. Their customer service level is exemplary.
Aaron R.
What we liked about Bastion is their competence, professional approach and quick service. Our website got hacked and we needed it up as soon as possible. We asked a few service providers to help us and Bastion team offered a solution the met our timelines. A big lesson learned for us is not to be proactive rather than reactive that can essential cist money and damage your business. Great service, availability and ready solutions for different sizes of business.
Danika N.
As an e-commerce business owner, every minute of downtime costs me money. That's why I was so grateful to Bastion when they were able to quickly and effectively fix my website after it was hacked. They worked fast and were able to get my site back up and running in no time. I'm so grateful for their expertise and professionalism. Thank you, Bastion!
David, owner of an online clothing store

Do you know how much an outage of
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