I can't say enough good things about Bastion and their website care and maintenance services. They've been a lifesaver for my business. Not only have they been able to fix any issues that have come up with my website, but they've also provided valuable guidance and support. Their team is professional and knowledgeable, and I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of website support.
Jessica, owner of an online store
I was completely overwhelmed when I found out that my website had been hacked. I had no idea what to do or how to fix it. That's when I turned to Bastion. They were able to quickly diagnose the problem and get my site back up and running in no time. Their website care and maintenance services are top-notch, and I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of website support.
Emily, owner of a small online business
I was hesitant to invest in website care and maintenance services, but I'm so glad I did. The Bastion team has been a lifesaver for my business. They've been able to quickly fix any issues that have come up with my website and have put in place strong security measures to prevent future problems. I feel much more confident about the safety and stability of my website thanks to Bastion.
Joe, owner of an e-commerce store
As an e-commerce business owner, every minute of downtime costs me money. That's why I was so grateful to Bastion when they were able to quickly and effectively fix my website after it was hacked. They worked fast and were able to get my site back up and running in no time. I'm so grateful for their expertise and professionalism. Thank you, Bastion!
David, owner of an online clothing store
I can't thank Bastion enough for saving my website from a cyber attack. I had no idea what to do when I saw that my site had been hacked, but the Bastion team was there to help me every step of the way. They cleaned up the mess and put in place strong security measures to prevent it from happening again. My website is now back up and running smoothly, and I feel much more confident about its security. Thank you, Bastion!
Sarah, owner of a small online store
I highly recommend the web security services of Bastion. Our website has gone through several hacks until we found out about Bastion services. They helped to address the root problem, clean the website and apply all protective measures. They were quick to respond and were able to address the problem very professionally. Also, they are very knowledgeable and able to provide short and long-term solutions.
Nathan L.
Our website got hacked a few times before we realized that we need to do something about it. While there are so many companies out there, it was difficult to find someone who is knowledgeable, reliable and offering fast and flexible service. We came across Bastion services on Google and gave it a try. We provided a site information they needed to assess the state of our online presence and after our first consultation, we learned so much about what can cause hacks, security gaps that have been overlooked and options to protect our website. Their level of competence is great. We have been on their maintenance plan for a few months and it is been like day and night. It is so important to have someone to monitor your website all the time, run all necessary updates and little fixes. We highly recommend to sign up for their services.
Kevin V.
We had limited resources to manage websites under our control and it was always a problem to be on top of their “health” and regular maintenance. We desperately needed professional support to help us protect our online presence 24/7 from all possible hacks. After several consultations with Bastion, we decided to sign up for their maintenance plan that is very flexible and covers all our current and future needs.
Robert F.
Our experience with Bastion team was nothing but positive. They just know what they do and make your life so much easier. After multiple failures to identify security gaps and vulnerabilities that caused us a lot of problems, we accidentally came across Bastion. What differs them from others is that they look at the problem from all aspects, fix the cause, and provide preventative tactics. They were able to answer all our questions in a very clear way. Highly recommended!
Zachary D.
What we liked about Bastion is their competence, professional approach and quick service. Our website got hacked and we needed it up as soon as possible. We asked a few service providers to help us and Bastion team offered a solution the met our timelines. A big lesson learned for us is not to be proactive rather than reactive that can essential cist money and damage your business. Great service, availability and ready solutions for different sizes of business.
Danika N.
We have been trying to fix things by using automated tools and antiviruses and it kind of worked for a while. As our website evolved with new features and functionalities, it became obvious that it was not enough. The issues came back again and again, costs were increasing, the source of problem was unknown. We found Bastion at the right time. They helped us fix all hidden security holes as a start and suggested a very comprehensive and flexible maintenance plan to address our operational needs. Finally, we could focus more on business matters that constantly running reactively fixing things. Their customer service level is exemplary.
Aaron R.
We asked Bastion to perform a comprehensive security audit for our website to ensure we didn’t have any security gaps and hidden vulnerabilities. We glad we did it. There are so many things happening behind the scenes we were not aware of. Their report and provided recommendations helped to rethink our approach on how to maintain our website and how to leverage their services. We were more We were more than content with their service and outcome.
Natasha F.